The shocking outcome of technology and genius working together is the most advanced
live trading
Forex Robot in existence...
Statement from Steve C. Automatic Trading Pioneer

FapTurbo3 Affiliates Page

World's best converting forex product
60% Commission!

A Legend Returns..

With over 80.000 sold copies worldwide..

over 8 million USD in affiliate processed profit..

over 57 upgrades selling to this very day.. we are proud to announce..

After 5 years of waiting and coding..

FapTurbo 3.0 is Coming!!
(it is about time!)
The Facts:

Mark your calendar for finishing your Affiliate year with a real winner!

Your Commission: 60% on all sales! This includes The Upsell robot GPS 3.0 (also a very popular and great fx robot in its 2nd version, brand new)

Main FapTurbo3 sale: $39.95 USD / month
Upgrade to Premium Support: +$10 USD/mo
Upsell (GPS Forex 2.0): $129 USD

You get upto $359 per sale!
60% Explodely commission
on $39.99 + $10 per month x 12 months!

FapTurbo was and still is up to this day the very best selling forex robot in history and many people eagerly await a 3.0 release..
And Boy do we have stuff prepared for this launch :)
From a ton of freebies during prelaunch to a bitcoin trading bot plugin free for your affiliates... and much MUCH more still coming!

Whats NEXT?

Please enter your E-mail below so we can keep you up to date as we work hard behind closed curtains to bring you a real winner !

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Mike & Steve

Launch Schedule FapTurbo 3.0

Pre-Launch: November 8th Tuesday, 9 AM EST Time

A Brand New Technology Is Coming!
(Announcement Of FapTurbo 3.0)

This mail will get the word out
Day 2: November 9th Wednesday, 9 AM EST Time!
Forex Robots Are Crap .. same old same old.. new technique & new markets need to be explored!
Day 3: November 10th Thursday, 9 AM EST Time
Forex & Bitcoin!
How Bitcoins dominate the market and double and tripled capitals! Forex users have been left out but not anymore thanks to FapTurbo 3.0
Day 4: November 11th Friday, 9 AM EST Time
FapTurbo 3.0 headstart mail.. why trading with FapTurbo 3.0 gives you unique headstart and fatstrack to success bonuses (brokerage doube deposit and more!)
Day 5: November 12th Saturday, 9 AM EST Time
Patented technology , New Bitcoin Trading Module revealed.. case studies proof of earnings & More!
Day 6: November 13th, Sunday 9 AM EST Time
More Proof Elements, Real Cash Deposits, MyFxchoice statements past performance and more!
Day 7: November 14th, Monday 9 AM EST Time
24 hours until launch, limited copies available! Recap of features and patented trading technology!
November 15th, Tuesday 9 AM EST Time
LAUNCH DAY Sales open up!!
November 16th - Post-launch
For this day we will update the prospects on installed bases, responses from brokerages and the overall lookout!
November 17th - First Responses
2 days have passed and we got the first feedback that we want to share with the people still on the lookout.. how is the installation process.. are brokerages responsive.. is the dual license system worth it? Many questions will be answered

Hi Guys just got an example screenshot of FapTurbo 3.0 real money trading.. it made almost 660 usd in under 48 hours with a small deposit. That's more than 15 times its cost back!

See screenshot:

in 48 hours! <-insane !

do you know of any software that you plug in and hit trade that can do this? Didn`t think so!

here is your link


As said before be QUICK and enjoy the goldrush!

This client was so quick because he transferred money in from another brokerage account .. but its already great news .. and soon we will see much much more proof of all the people wiring money into their brokerage accounts and doubling tripling quadrupling it!

Juts be quick because response times of brokerages and support will get longer and longer as over 1,000 people purchased FapTurbo 3.0 already... and MANY more will come!


Don`t say I didn`t warn you!


November 23rd - First Trading Testimonials
The first real trading feedback and client feedback and screenshots of people amassing wealth in the markets.. a MUST SEND!
November 26th

HO HO HO fellow forex afficionados :)

Usually when you see forex product perform great in backtests it downright sucks with real money.. I'm happy to report that this is NOT the case with FapTurbo 3.0

Since launch a week ago profits of I have been ranging between 8 and 20% ..

Isn`t THAT refreshing.. to actually see something perform as advertised??


And to top it off its an actual steal in price.. unlike those in the thousands of dollars robots that don`t perform..

The bonuses alone bring more money in that alicense will cost you!

that`s right.. the moment you obtain a license you actually have more money in that you spent in costs with even a very small deposit :)

Dual license system 2 for one
25% instant bonus
1000% matchup bonus
Bitcoin trading..
16% gains in 2 days.. and I quote:

"So far, on my $3,000 dollar account, I have made approx $660.00, which is approx 22% return, in just 4 days... I am very happy with that."

What more could I possibly say? :)


Don`t wait .. things can`t get any better than this !

Wish you a great great holidays and lot`s of profits for 2014!


Promo Materials FapTurbo 3.0

Dear friend, great that You took the decision to become a FapTurbo affiliate. It`s probably the ONLY Forex robot on the planet that makes consistent income. The best way to promote it, is to show people how it works via your own account statements, but we also compiled some other useful materials that should help you market it.

However what really counts is that at the end of the day you can sleep like a child because you endorsed something that is actually working and that will change peoples fates. Thx for being part of this,

Make your account look like this or even better (one of our affiliates acc):

Update: New FapTurbo Version is killing the brokers already, happy new customers are taking it like candy! Don't miss out on the great conversions, leading top seller on Explodely!

UPDATE: new Banners added + new German version!

We have added over 34 new Banners of all sizes+ a cool Peelaway ad (see below). Over the course of the next few days we will add even more real life money accounts that you can display on site for marketing.

A special German version was added - now you can market FapTurbo to over 200 million of german speaking people! Stay tuned and enjoy the materials.

Become FAPTURBO Affiliate In 3 Easy Steps
Step 1: Sign up as an Explodely Affiliate.

In order to start selling our FAPTURBO Robot, the first thing you'd need to do is sign-up at Explodely as an Affiliate: Sing Up Here.

If you have any questions or doubts about Explodely's affiliate system, please check their Support here below: Explodely Affiliate FAQ
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Step 3: Promote Your personal referral link and make sales

Commission Structure
1. 60% of $39.95 / month on the Front-end Product (Forex Turbo Robot) = $23.97 NET/mo
2. 60% of $129 one-time GPS Robot 2.0, one of the most stable forex trading systems! = $77 NET

Estimated Conversion: as high as 30%. No we are not kidding. As said before it`s a product that rakes in money on a consistent basis and that is simply amazing.

We estimate a VERY high conversion for the following reasons:
  • The only forex robot in existence that is able to double real monetary deposits in a month since the year 1999 on backtests
  • A trading robot that features LIVE results on REAL money directly implemented in the salesletter
  • A killer salesletter written, rewritten, turned around, finetuned and rewritten some more, to grab the potential customer and never let go of him till the sale is closed
  • Perfectly designed Memberszone build on the knowledge and expertise gained with forexautopilot and to make it as easy as possible for the customer to get up and running
  • Extremely low refund rate: The product is a real winner + our phone support lines are rdy to answer even the most basic of issues with patience and understanding.

Need No Popup Version? No Popup website version link.

Popups make good sales and increase conversions. However some networks do not allow popups on site. In this case we have a separate version of the website with no popups on a separate Explodely ID.

Replace ZZZ with your Explodely username.

Autoplay video version

You can promote the version where marketing video goes on autoplay.

Replace ZZZ with your Explodely username.

Tracking Affiliate Link Traffic

As an affiliate, you may wish to track the traffic source from where your FapTurbo3 sales are coming from. This will help you focus on your most profitable traffic sources. You can do so by just adding a simple parameter at the end of your affiliate link known as "TID" or Tracking ID, like this :

Replace ZZZ with your Explodely username.

...where "TRACKING_ID" could be any string of your choice which will help you track source of your traffic. Once you set this up, you can see the affiliate sales "TID" by searching your sales or "TID" here: Explodely Transactions page

TIME FOR BIG MONEY!! Promote on local languages!

As the saying goes.. "The early bird catches the worm.."
It's really a rare opportunity for you to become the first EVER local affiliate in German, Chinese or Spanish speaking countries! For a long time, FapTurbo was marketed only in the USA for english-speaking people, so there were TONS OF UNSEEN POSSIBILITIES for you to make money on our affiliate program. Don't MISS OUT!

Believe me a lot of work went into the translation.. This is not some crappy babelfish thing but the real deal.
We translated Everything, not just the salesletter!

Promote Spanish Version using the following link with parameters

Replace ZZZ with your Explodely username.


1. Video Advertisement

Do not forget to replace your Explodely ID in the code! This 5 minute Video presentation will work greatly on your website drawing a ton of interest!

You can also upload video to your own streaming provider with a desired settings. Here is the source video file:

Click here to read more about FapTurbo!

Code to place on website:

2. Fresh New Swipes

Blast your E-mail list with these new swipes and gain new interested referrals :) Don`t forget to change your affiliate id in the e-mail!


2. Dynamic banners

The new dynamic banners that BEG to be clicked (reinvented the banners)

We reinvented the banners once again. Nobody clicks old-school static banners anymore, people became banners-blind. That's why we re-invented the banners in a new style that BEG to be clicked!! Take a look on these awesome dynamic banners that show REAL TIME date, setting and profits making visitor WANT to click!

Don't forget to replace "ZZZ" with your Explodely ID if that was not replaced automatically for you!


3. Banners

We have a broad selection of banners and ads you can use. They work great with PPC Campaigns!

(update): We just added over 34 new high quality banners that should convert unlike anything else you have seen. Enjoy!

New Xmas banner set
(dont forget to replace the ZZZ with your Explodely ID)

Banners 468x60 GIF
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Banners 768x90 GIF
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Banners 728x90 GIF
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FLASH Banners 468x60, 728x90 & 120x600
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Banners 120x60 GIF
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Banners 120x240 GIF
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Banners 120x600 GIF
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Banners 125x125 GIF
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Banners 336x280 GIF
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Banners 300x250 GIF
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Banners 234x60 GIF
(don't forget to replace the ZZZ with your Explodely ID)


4. Live Traded $ Accounts!

Real Proof is always the best way to drive visitors! How about a real money account that went from $ 5,000 to over $ 34,000 balance and more? Put these codes on your website and allow visitors to watch live money making trades!

Real Time Updated Account
Start up size: $10000
Click to see the detailed results.
Updated every 15 minutes

IMPORTANT: In the code below you need to exchange ZZZ with your own Explodely ID in order to get referral credit!

Here is the code:


5. E-mail Templates

Blast your E-mail list with this template and rake in thousands of dollars afterwards :) Don`t forget to change your affiliate id in the e-mail!


6. PPC Google Adwords Keywords

The great thing about the FapTurbo is that the product has been proven to be really profitable and the highly converting sales page converts like FIRE... making a profit using Google Adwords very simple! Just start plugging some keywords into your account and start sending traffic to our sales page or, even better, to your review page or blog with the affiliate links.

Here are a few FapTurbo related keywords that will help you get started:

We consistently update this site to offer you the latest materials to market with. Stay tuned for contests and Prizes aswell :)

Its a pleasure to work with you!

Best of earnings with a wonderful wealth spreading product wish,

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